Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Its a question of priorities


'Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?
Ayers won’t work.'

I was just prepping to excoriate the author of this piece for missing the point, when I went ahead and read it... and guess what? I totally and completely agree with the guy. Whether or not the William Ayers association with Obama is a concern for US voters, it is not the battleground on which the election should be fought.

What are the issues that top voters minds? Job security, tax rates, home equity and calling to account those who have presided the governmental and wall street disasters over the last few years.

I agree with Mr Shortridge that defining the important issues and your own clear purpose in handling them is something McCain is failing to do. Is there time to haul this supertanker around? Maybe, but he'd have to start today. And thats not likely.

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