Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Cheque isn't in the post

'Zimbabwe needs $45bn (£28bn) in the next five years to revive an economy mauled by years of political conflict.'

I need an Aston Martin V8 fishtail, a 42 foot yacht and a very large villa in the south of France. Anybody else need anything?

Why do I feel a sudden onset of rage when I read things like this? After ten solid years of trashing their own country with a vigor and determination rarely equalled in the chequered history of the world, perhaps Zimbabwean politicians could make at least some pitiful gesture of an effort to get their own house in order before taking taxpayer money from Britain, the US and the other usual suspects?

In 1999, Zimbabwe didn't need handouts from anybody. Its white farmers, white businessmen and white mine engineers and managers were happily making the rest of Zimbabwe solvent. But after the race crusade kicked off, the great fountain of cash stilled. Weird that. So what is your argument Mr Tsvangirai? Why should the white people of Britain reward the black people of Zimbabwe with Billions of pounds for a ten-year campaign of theft and violence against white people? I can't really see whats in it for us...

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