Monday, June 01, 2009

Did Bush read my Blog?

'...they have increasingly employed targeted killings, a tactic that eliminates the need to interrogate or incarcerate terrorists but at the cost of killing or maiming suspected terrorists and innocent civilians alike without notice or due process.'

It must be true- there is no other explanation! I pointed out years ago that in all previous conflicts, the price of fighting out of uniform in contravention of the laws of war was a bullet in the back of the head. All armies did it. Only with the Clinton era 'lawyer them to death' policy of dealing with terrorism as a law-and-order issue did the waters become muddied. The rest of the world, outside America and Eurabia, continues as it always has, using the high velocity round solution.

This excellent article makes the straightforward point that there are still terrorists to deal with, and if the CIA aren't allowed to do more than frown at captured enemy combatants, the problem will have to be dealt with by people with a free hand. And that is REALLY BAD NEWS for Al Qaeda and associates. They must look back on the waterboarding and fantastic room service of Gitmo with wistfulness. The Egyptians, Saudis and Moroccans are experts at torture in a way that no American will ever be. And thats who will be doing the job from now on. Score ACLU!

And why bother capturing the illegal enemy combatants at all, if you can insert a very nicely polished hellfire missile up their arse? Saves an enormous amount of time, bureaucracy and cleaning up after messy torture sessions. Missile strikes have increased under President Obama. I guess he reads this blog too. Good man!

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