Thursday, June 25, 2009

Self Contradiction a large part of Iranian political life

'On foreign policy: Iran does not accept Israel and as a consequence there has been no positive sign from Europe or the US in the past 30 years. Mr Ahmadinejad talks straight and frankly to these countries with whom we are never going to have a relationship anyway.

I was hopeful at first with President Obama, but now I am disappointed.

Presidential problems are internal issues and no country should meddle in another's affairs. France, Germany, Britain and US have ignored this rule.'

Now thats what I call conflicted. I bet he doesn't think so!


Anonymous said...

Palastin 's case is an international issue,because a country like Israel which didnt have its land and no place in the globe comes and occupies a Islamic historical land like palastine and US supports it like anything,I d better think and read more,Holoucost is said by Israelies happened during worldwar,and it is quostioned by President Ahmadinejad,why no body has given no answer or prrof so far?when Iran is under pressure by US,Germany,France and some european countries how come they can interfreer in our problems?

Edmund Ironside said...

Who cares if Palestine was 'islamic historyical land'? Now its 'Jewish historical land'. What business is that of Iran, many hundreds of miles away? Iran constantly screws with Lebanon and Gaza politics via Hezbollah and Hamas. Why shouldn't we screw with Iran? Tell you what, buddy, you might want to watch out your window for the B-52's and the B-2's! Reaching out to you in your 'islamic historical lands'. Have a nice day!