Monday, June 15, 2009

Why are they here?

'By contrast, because of the generosity and humanity of the Dutch welfare system — and the “sensitivity” of police and Dutch officials to Islam — I’m at an utter loss to understand why Muslim immigrants hold Dutch society in such brazen contempt. Surely life here is far better than in the places they came from. Yet few seem even remotely grateful. And being grateful means — among other things — following the rules, getting a job, learning the language, and accepting the values.'

Today at Lords Cricket ground, the legendary home of English cricket, the English cricket team were booed as they walked on to the pitch by a crowd of indians who happen to have British passports and who happen to be living in Britain. Many of them are second and third generation 'Britons'.

We have to accept that the kind of immigration that created American society, where a vast array of contributing nationalities, ethnicities and cultures quickly became a unified and cohesive unitary culture based squarely on the dominant anglo-saxon English protestant culture does not occur any more. The kind of immigration described in the quoted piece, where immigrants CHOOSE not to participate in the host culture, despise the host culture and extract as much material gain from the host culture as possible; while maintaining all their own cultural and language characteristics and having no feeling of loyalty or attachment to their current geographical location- Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and many other countries are trying at this very moment to work out how to deal with this phenomenon.

I will make a prediction- you can't deal with it. Many of the indians in the crowd at Lords don't look, sound, act, think or feel like Britons, let alone Englishmen. Where should these people be living? Certainly not in Britain. What if those indians turn on the British state, as many of the pakistani immigrants on these shores already have? Why should real Britons allow such an absurd situation to continue? Willingly hosting immigrants who want to live in Britain absolutely does not include a situation where a sub-nation turns on its host. Those people need to be living in the country where their hearts lie. NOT in a country they would happily betray and fight against.

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