Friday, June 05, 2009

Spot the story

'College bosses smuggled heroin

Police seized kilos of drugs
Two men who ran colleges for foreign students have been found guilty at Bradford Crown Court of smuggling heroin into the UK in the post.

A third man was convicted of money laundering but acquitted of smuggling. Another was cleared altogether. All had pleaded not guilty.

Yorkshire College, based in Bradford and Manchester, attracted hundreds of students, mostly from Pakistan.'

This is a story about some dodgy geezers who set up bogus colleges, and used them to bring in illegal immigrants and launder money gained from importing heroin, right?

'Analysis of financial accounts at the college and at a Bradford money exchange business ran by two of the men shows that more than £1.2m in profits was sent out of the country to the north west frontier province of Pakistan.

The authorities in Britain say the money is now untraceable, and fear that it might be used to prolong the fighting going on in the area between the Pakistani army and the Taliban.'

Oh right... the story actually is 'northern England is now a province of pakistan, and the completely non-English inhabitants use it as a convenient place to get money for terrorist military operations in the NWFP, home to the worlds largest concentration of murderous scum'.

Thanks for not revealing the true story, BBC website guys! Thanks for giving the story a completely bogus headline, so the people of Britain don't get all riled up and do something about this nest of vipers in their midst.

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