Thursday, July 02, 2009

All civilians are not created equal

'Kaplan: There are a thousand disappearances a year in Sri Lanka separate from the war. Journalists are terrified there. The only journalism you read is pro-government. So that’s one thing they did.

The Tamil Tigers had human shields by the tens of thousands, not just by the dozens and hundreds like Al Qaeda. They put people between themselves and the government and say "you have to kill all the people to get to us." So the government obliged them. The government killed thousands of civilians.

MJT: Tamil civilians?

Kaplan: Yes. They killed thousands of civilians in the course of winning this war. It acted in a way so brutal that there are no lessons for the West.

MJT: Would you say it was as brutal as Russia’s counterinsurgency in Chechnya?

Kaplan: Yeah. It was. The U.N. is investigating whether as many as 20,000 civilians have been killed during the last few months.'

Imagine if you will, that rather than Tamil peasants, those civilians were Palestinians; and that the Israeli government were attacking them. Cynthia Mckinney and some other commie stooges are at this very moment trying to get yet another 'Freedom Tug' into Gaza. Spare a few shekels, thoughts, anything for Tamils? No? Too busy with the poor ickle Palis huh...

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