Saturday, July 04, 2009

Islamists can't wait to tell you about this!

Found this on a British islamist website:

'The Helmand-Arghandab Valley Authority

... that level of development might not exist but for the big investment in water infrastructure known as the Helmand-Arghandab Valley Authority project.

The American government spent $72 million on the project between 1957 and 1979, and earlier helped financed another $39.5 million through Export-Import Bank loans. The Afghan government chipped in an additional $25 million.

The irrigation project irrigated tens of thousands of hectares in Nawa and Garmsir, as well as several other central districts. As an extra enticement to settlers – many of them nomadic peoples – US contractors helped build schools systems and even constructed the current capital of Lashkar Gah in a desert region of ancient ruins.'

They were making a point about how evil the US is, and how it has over many decades tried to get rid of muslims, destroy them, make their lives worse.

Kidding! Of course you are never ever going to read factual information like that on an islamist website. Facts are no good when you are trying to create 7-year old suicide bombers. Why do we, and of course by we I mean America and europe, continue to give things like this enormously expensive gift to the extremely ungrateful Afghan people? Not only is there no gratitude, nobody even knows it happened! Like the billions and billions President Bush gave to Africa.

This piece is actually from, not known for its love of warmongers.

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