Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What do you expect from Comrade Obama?

'The insanity of this policy by the Obama administration cannot be understated. It used to be the GOP that was (oftentimes rightly) criticized for propping up tyrants and despots because they were “our” tyrants and despots. At the height of the Cold War, a valid defense for that realpolitik position could be made. But where is the greater evil on the horizon that we are willing to sacrifice the Honduran people for? It is no longer the Soviet Union and worldwide communism.

In fact, the main evil we face in much of the world today is the thugocratic regimes like Iran and Venezuela, wacko nut-jobs like North Korea, and communist China. Yet, in this situation, we’ve actually allied ourselves with Venezuela’s Chavez!'

Yuh huh. What do you expect from a man who sat in Church every Sunday for twenty years listening to the screeching, fascistic hatemongering of a black 'liberation' preacher, and 'didn't hear'? What do you expect from a man who was THE MOST LIBERAL voting Senator in Congress? I mean really people, pay attention.

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