Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Palin must spend 20 years in a think tank

'This push-pull dynamic will hold Palin up for a long time, but it can’t propel her into the presidency. For that she needs substance, not the hackneyed sound bites she clings to for dear life. For that she needs a positive program, not just the hatred of conservatism’s favorite enemies. On this score, her premature exit from the governorship makes her task all the more arduous. As the soon-to-be-former half-term governor of a small state, she makes that other prominent populist social conservative, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, look formidably credentialed in comparison.

Whether she becomes more seasoned and more policy-oriented is the key to whether she cashes in her charisma for something more meaningful. As for Alaska, it will be a beloved afterthought.'


What a load of horse-hockey. '... it can't propel her into the Presidency. For that she needs substance.' And that substance can be found by being an obscure Illinois state senator and a quarter term US junior senator. In the age of celebrity, being a celebrity is substance. Or hadn't you noticed, Rich?

Long, long gone are the days when you needed to have ACTUAL accomplishments and REAL experience. How did the sterling experience of long-time Senator McCain fare in contest with the near-zero experience of Obama? Look good in front of a camera, talk a bunch of Miss Universe 'I just want world peace and bunnies and for everybody to be friends' crap and play your identity politics to the hilt, and you can win. Be a student of governance, philosophy and international relations, and get nothing.

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