Thursday, July 09, 2009

The teeny tiny world of the Sex Wars

'Life without men
Scientists claim to have grown human sperm in a lab, and columnists and bloggers are musing on the possibility of a world where men are no longer needed.'

Having long ago forgotten about the Sex Wars, it always surprises me that there are still people fighting them. But after reading a few paragraphs of this ploddingly humorous piece, it did strike me that only a few million people out of eight billion or so EVER frame life like this. The ones who do: all went to university, probably did some liberal arts degree, and will have sucked long and hard on the teats of the lefty world view. Its an enormously parochial little world.

I challenge you to find a single person in the Phillipines, Angola, Lithuania, Borneo or Nepal and a million places in between who would even understand the frame of reference of these blatherings. Most of the planet just gets on with having babies, going to work and going to church on Sunday. I very often wish I lived in one of those places, instead of in the home of the eternally gazed-navel.

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