Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BBC balanced and fair look at those ClimateGate emails

'In an interview with the Press Association, Professor Jones said he wouldn't resign. He said the suggestion that there was a conspiracy to alter evidence was "complete rubbish". And he insisted the CRU had never manipulated or deleted data or e-mails.'

And apparently, that's good enough for the BBC!

'Professor Jones, who has received personal threats since the e-mails were leaked, said he regretted "poorly chosen words in the heat of the moment, when I was frustrated". He said the past few days had been the worst of his professional life.'

Yes, that's the important thing about this story- how Professor Jones feels today. If Jones thinks that this rediculously flimsy 'heat of the moment infelicity of wording' excuse is going to get the job done, he is wrong.

'Trial by internet'

Sub-headings tell us the state of mind of the editors, not about the story itself. How exactly is a developing news story driven by citizen journalists a 'trial by internet' when the average news story on the BBC radio or TV news isn't 'trial by radio' or 'trial by TV'? Presumably, any story which the BBC doesn't want to break is therefore pigeonholed as a kangaroo-court sham. Interesting. Reminiscent of Soviet Propaganda.

'But in the world of science policy, many others find themselves in a war of influence against those firms who fund the amplification of the messages of the relatively small number of genuinely sceptical scientists outside the consensus. The sceptic business lobby aims to keep scientific doubt alive to paralyse policy. This is the world of science Realpolitik.'

This desperate cabal of machiavellian polluters is absolutely shit at their job. Absolutely everywhere I turn, from news websites to the science channels on TV, from general interest magazines to the scientific journals, from school information packs to local government websites, everywhere it is just wall-to-wall global-warmist propaganda. Apart from a few obscure websites, the presence of the 'global-warming deniers' is almost undetectable.

And yet... enormous numbers of private citizens in the US and the UK and round the world don't believe in A.G.W. Interesting that. If your bullshit antennae are actually on and working, it isn't hard to see the humongous gaps in the Global Warmmonger fairytale.

Persuading the commies and most politicians was not hard for the warmmonger doomsters- for both constituencies, there are massive upsides to the whole Global warming fairytale. Hate capitalism? Tell everybody it is killing the planet! For the good of all the poor ickle people we have to destroy your industries. And if you won't do our bidding, we'll just have to nationalise that asset. Sorry! For politicians, the benefits are even greater! Just how good does a politician saving the world look! I mean, never before have politicians been able to claim that they are actually saving the whole world from a preventable disaster! That is political dynamite. Who cares if it ain't true? By the time the rubes work it out, I'll be retired anyway...

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