Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good news for Sarah Palin

I have been reading up on Sarah Palin, who is the hot topic of the week because her new book came out. And I am struck by an unusual kind of desperation out there to define, limit, pigeonhole and sequester Sarah Palin which I can't ever remember having encountered before.

Sarah Palin has:

1) Run Alaska as Governor
2) Run for Vice President of the United States
3) ...

That's it. Its not an expansive CV. And yet many men who have run for President have not received a tenth of the attention that Sarah Palin (and her family, God bless them) has. Every now and again, some individual comes along who just forces the spotlight to focus on them. I have no idea why. Sarah Palin is in many ways an ordinary woman. I don't mean that in any sense to diminish her sterling qualities- thank God America is blessed with men and women like her.

But the response to Sarah Palin has been from the very beginning both disproportionately violent and vaguely creepy. In particular, the virulence of the response of the feminist sisterhood has been both vile and Freudian. The most sane and common-sense response to her would seem to be 'Heartlands American woman with both socially and politically conservative views probably not yet ready for prime time'. But it is almost impossible to find that response anywhere. The current meme being touted by Democrat bien-pensants is that Palin is the American Eva Peron waiting like a malevolent sprite to bring about Fascism-lite to an unsuspecting country. Really? Really?

But this is only the latest in a long line of melodramatic and crazed theories spun about Ms Palin. She was a narcissist spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy dresses! She pretended her daughters baby was hers, for devious and malevolent reasons we can't quite work out..!. She's a book-burning fundamentalist who hates (or was it loves?) Jews! She's Hitler in a frock!

There truly was nothing too ridiculous, ludicrous or plain 'Ripleys Believe-it-or-not' for the NBC/ABC/MSNBC/NYT/WaPo/DailyKos axis. They just couldn't help themselves. Seriously, it was reminiscent of the Salem witch trials.

From the beginning, there had been the constant drumbeat of disdain and acid disapproval of Palin's patriotism- as if somehow her love of her country was intended solely as a reproach to the New York/DC sophisticates who are sooooooooo beyond all that flag-waving garbage. There was a similar steady bombardment of mockery and spite directed at her large, rambunctious family- again as if it she had the kids simply to poke the one-pampered-child-policy punditocracy in the eye. And against her hunting. And against her state. And against her University. And on and on.

Indeed, it seems to be the case that the very existence of the lovely, relatively unexceptional Sarah Palin is a 20-story banquos ghost pointing a flaming finger at the alpha feminists, elite Washingtonians and liberal punditocrats, revealing their intimate shames to the world.

Get this- even before the publication of her book, Going Rogue, there was a spoof of it called Going Rouge. Has that ever happened before? Are the people scared shitless by Sarah Palin so desperate to nullify any positive impact her first book might have that they have been skipping meals and working into the crack of dawn so their 'satire' gets published first? Wowsa.

When you have them that scared, you pretty much have them where you want them.

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