Monday, November 09, 2009

The world as he wants it to be

Not the world as it is, but the world as it ought to be.

It's easier to understand Barack Obama and his administrations behaviour if you try this mental check. When Obama talks about Tea Party people, he doesn't talk about the actual Tea Partiers. He talks instead about what fanatical right-wing critics of huge public spending and socialist welfare programs SHOULD be like. Ok, so there's this huge disjuncture between his description and the Tea Partiers everybody else knows, watches and listens to- but whatever.

When Obama talks about FOX news, he isn't really talking about FOX news, but what FOX ought to be like. FOX should really be wall-to-wall bimbos with an IQ of 35 ranting right-wing invective 23 hours a day, with a few seconds of trivial news chucked in occasionally. I watch probably two hours of FOX a day, and boy it is not like that. Big Rupe money buys some serious quality journalists and anchors. Doesn't matter- what interests Barack is the caricature of FOX, how FOX ought to be, and indeed how it is in the minds of millions of lefties in the US.

If you tick through the issues- foreign policy, healthcare, immigration, education etc. and think for a moment, you will realize that Obama policies are designed not to interact with the actual world, but the world that ought to be. Countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea and Iran ought to be like Belgium or Denmark- but they aren't. Socialised medicine ought to mean fantastic quality healthcare at low cost for everybody, from cradle to grave; but it doesn't. It never has been. Dozens of countries have tried. Remember- 95% of ALL NEW DRUGS are developed in the United States or by American companies. Where are those drugs going to be invented when the socialists take away the incentive to bother? Mass immigration of one ethnic/language group into the US in the tens of millions ought to be great- low labour costs, another addition to the kalaidescope of ethnicities etc; but it isn't. Many indicators show that whereas in the eighties and nineties Mexican immigrants learned English, adopted American lifestyles and tried to integrate, now they don't bother. They only speak Spanish, retain their Mexican culture and lifestyle and are surrounded by myriads of other Mexicans doing the same thing. So instead of learning the culture and habits of a functional society, they re-create the dysfunctional one they just left- brilliant. And into the bargain, the Democrats have 'raised their consciousness' and introduced them to politics of blackmail and grievance. Double brilliant.

On issue after issue, Obama and the Pelosi/Reid congress deal not with world in its fullness, but with caricatures. It can't end well. [Hat Tip: Instapundit]

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