Sunday, November 08, 2009

Easy Republican Solution

'One would think such an historic and noble action, as the Democrats have styled it, would enjoy robust support from the full spectrum of the House Democratic caucus. But in this case, only those who occupy safe seats (or think they do) can be corralled. If Pelosi gets her 218 votes, it will be unprecedented. It is fair to say that never will a piece of legislation this sweeping (and damaging) have been passed over the opposition of so much of the electorate and on the votes of such a narrow ideological slice of the governing class.' [Hat Tip: Instapundit]

It would seem to me that the Republicans could go a long way to solving both their image problem and their substance problem by making this guaruntee: Vote us in, and we will IMMEDIATELY repeal any legislation passed by Pelosi/Reid/Obama which nationalises US healthcare, or prepares the ground for the same.

Something tells me that would bust Democrat control of both houses of Congress wide open. Its simple, undestandable to everybody, and gets to the nub. They probably won't though...

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