Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ensuring that the truth is known, loud and clear

From the comments


I wonder if there will be a slow creep towards the real facts and figures and a general amnesia about the extremes and scare tactics the general public were subjected to. This seems to not be unlike the recent revisionism in the Iraq “success story,” pretending we all knew the truth and were on the “right side” of the issues, all along.

Feb 14, 2010 - 11:56 am'

Well worth reading the whole article. The Global Warmist cat is well and truly out of the bag. Their bullshit posing as credible science is now well and truly in the spotlight, and starting to look very feeble indeed.

But this comment reminded me of the interview I just watched, by Fox news anchor Chris Wallace interviewing the head of the US National Security Council. He asked him a direct question, whether if Obama and Biden had been in charge when the surge in Iraq was being suggested, whether there would have been any victory in Iraq to celebrate and claim. He played a clip of Obama saying that not only did he believe the surge would make no difference, it would make things worse. So the head of the NSC says 'Oh yes, Iraq is a great victory for America and for whichever administration is in power at the time'. What a load of gilt-edged horseshit. No American with an ounce of knowledge and sense is going to buy that.

Actions matter. And to take the right ones, you have to have knowledge and judgement. As I documented here at the time, President Bush executed the surge over the indignant squeaking of about three quarters of the Pentagon, because he decided on the basis of what he knew that it would succeed, in combination with the Awakening movements and the political progress being made in Baghdad. Would Obama have made the same decision? Absolutely not, as his own words give evidence. Obama would have failed, America would have lost, and untold damage would have been caused. All the lives lost up to that point would have been for nothing.

It is disgusting and repulsive that those idiots are now claiming victory in Iraq, and it must not be allowed to stand.

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