Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rugby traditions are dying

Two Rugby players get stinking drunk, find a golf buggy, tear off down the road in it and get pulled for drink driving.

Time was when everybody involved in Rugby, including the WRFU, would have laughed uproarously at this story, the players involved ticked off publicly for the sake of form, and everybody would go straight back to playing rugby.

Now, its like Powell murdered someone.

'Wales team manager Alan Phillips said: "This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated."

... "This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated in a professional, elite sporting environment and we have acted quickly and incisively in order to leave no ambiguity over the dim view we take of this situation.'


Truly, truly dismal. One by one, the traditions of rugby are disappearing in a murk of prim officialdom, 'professional' attitudes and big money.

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J D said...

Very ridiculous. Also over are the days of the Zulu run - too many idiots out there that are offended to see nudity.