Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What happened to the lurve?

What is weird about this picture? Real Clear Politics is a pretty good barometer of what the pundit world is scratching its head about. So, who is up and who is down? Two stories about Obama, and both negative. Evan Bayh, now an ex-Senator, gets a couple of whumpings for having the temerity to tell the truth and not be a socialist. And two stories about Sarah Palin, private citizen and FOX news contributor.

What does it say exactly when just over a year into the great wondrous Obama reign, the really hot topic is whether Sarah Palin will have what it takes to get elected in ... three years time?

One of my now ex-Friends on Facebook presented her conservative acquaintances with a link to a Facebook group called 'Sarah Palin is a fucking moron'. What happened to the love? What happened to the great healing that the Won was going to bring about when he was elected. Hell, where is the attention span of his great hordes of unwashed acolytes? Their guy is in power, presiding over a government dominated by Democrats, and their attention is on... an ex-Governor of Alaska, and what she is doing this week? Come on people. Buck up.

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