Sunday, February 28, 2010

Never underestimate the power of well organised evil

Britain if far down the road painted here. Talk about demoralized... fifty nine people showed up at the inaugural British Tea Party... that is one millionth of the population of the country. I keep reading the figure 60% about the US- it is estimated that sixty percent of Americans fundamentally agree with US Tea Party core beliefs. If I were to venture a guess, about 0.5% of Britons agree with those. I have yet to meet one Briton of my generation who shares those core beliefs about the world. The KGB not only knew what they were doing, they have succeeded far beyond their own wildest dreams. So even as Marxism/Leninism has died a painful death in Russia, it is gaining new adherents every day in Britain.

Our schools and universities are awash with marxist/leninists. They feed their potted history of the world to the 'soft brains' and those kids grow up to be demoralised morons, and reiterate their programming at the pub and at work. Even supposed 'Conservatives' in Britian are highly tainted by marxist/leninist ideas. Anti-Americanism, which used to be the default position on the left, is now across the board. Support for the monolithic state bureacracies is very high amongst 'Conservatives', and ignorance of liberal economics is absolutely standard.

Oy vey. The road for a British Tea Party will be long and arduous. I'd say thirty to forty years of hard slog.

What I would say is that the only way it will succeed is to offer people positives, to offer them things which are genuinely better and superior. If the Tea Party is only about what needs to be destroyed (Big Government) and exited (the EU), it will never get beyond 59 people. The Bolsheviks succeeded in gaining mass support by offering people simple goods- bread, freedom from serfdom (ok they lied), jobs. The Tea Party will succeed if it does the same- frame its goals as simple, concrete desirable things.

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