Sunday, March 26, 2006

Crazy crazy Goddamn world

What society on the face of planet earth goes hell bent for leather to persuade its people that the comforting lies peddled by foriegners about themselves are actually... facts?

We do, here in Britain. Or rather, the Independent newspaper/propaganda mouthpiece.

Muslims, especially arab muslims, are famous for lying. They lie all the time, about everything. Its a way of life. It eases the pain of not being very important, powerful or creative. So they've made up loads of lists of things that they have contributed to world civilization.

1. Shoe bombing .....ah, no wait, that didn't make it onto the list!

1. Coffee
2. Photography
3. Chess
4. Human flight
Etc. etc.

Problem is, anybody with 10 minutes and access to a good encyclopedia or the internet will be able to whittle that down to... 9 out of 20. Then there's the small matter of, what does the religion of a particular individual have to do with whether they invent something really cool? If I invent something right now, would the western world get to chalk that up for Christianity? Utter bulls**t. Lastly, you have to ask what the motivation is to compiling the spurious list in the first place? Could it be that Islam presents such a dismal, backward, ignorant face today that onlookers would never guess that anything of worth was ever invented or discovered under its aegis?

Making up a non-sensical and easily rubbished list to try and persuade the average Brit that the Moslem world is abrim with intellectual vigor and creative zest is highly unlikely to be taken seriously. Especially given the average date given for the various 'inventions', over 1000 years ago.

Back to the drawing board, ye propagandists of Mohammed and Mohammedans.

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