Friday, March 31, 2006

Go where the heart feels free

My commiseration with any of you readers who also peruse the BBC Online Have Your Say forum. You will already know that the quality of most of the comments is sub-grade school. And the politics of the moderators means that the visible political spectrum on the forum would encompass slightly right-wing right across to venomous left-wing communist anarchist. The absence of the moderate to far-right is not surprising. All political voices can be heard in Britain but the conservative/rightist. If you don't believe me, find me a genuine full-blooded right-wing comment on any topic in the Have your lefty Say forums.

The reason this irks me particularly today is I posted a comment which I thought highly pertinent and well presented, which was ignored ignominiously.

So I'll repeat it here.

The forum discussion was about whether Iran should get to have a nuclear weapons program. My view is I'd rather that Muammar Ghaddafi had nuclear weapons than Iran, thats how stupid it would be. But what struck me most in reading through the comments was the hatred for Britain and America that was endlessly repeated, especially by the foreign settlers on both our shores and those of Canada and the US. And my comment was, please go and live in these countries whose interests you promote (Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria etc.), and when you get there go out and have a good long public rant about what pisses you off about THEIR societies. Your life may end shortly thereafter but you'll die in a place where your heart feels free!

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