Friday, March 31, 2006

Palestinians have money troubles...

The contrast between the world of building things and that of blowing up things has never been starker. On one side Israel, booming and building and trying to solve things, and on the other, the Palestinian non-state, busting and bombing and trying to kill people.

The outcome of these respective ways of going about life is spectacularly different of course. One of which is that people LIKE to give money to Israel because it goes towards positive ends. And increasingly, the Palestinians are finding that people are becoming resistant to giving them money to buy missiles and detonators and mortars and AK47's. Certainly westerners are.

But according to Dr Omar Abel Razeq, Hamas finance minister of Nowhere, "the whole issue is not actually real. We hope that Europe at least will change its mind and talk to us, and respect the choice of the people."

This mellifluous drivel actually tells us quite a lot. First, Hamas have no intention of changing their stated goals of destroying Israel and killing all its citizens, and have the expectation that the largely Jew-hating, Palestinian-loving Europeans will give up their official positions of not funding terrorist organisations. Second, the Palestinians understanding of the concept of peaceful resolution of conflicts is completely debased. And third, it is Palestinian policy to split the western world into Europe on the one hand and Britain the US on the other, and go on from there to use westerners against each other in the diplomatic war effort against Israel.

The smell in the air is of European resolve (weak from the beginning) falling away, and the coffers being re-opened to be poured into the missile workshops and mortar factories of the West Bank and Gaza. What Europeans won't see for their money is any other kind of workshops or factories being built, or indeed anything positive at all.

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