Tuesday, March 28, 2006

US Citizens: Don't come to London

This is an urgent message to all US citizens: don't come to London. Spending money in London is against you and your nations interests. The communist anti-semite Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London has these things to say about your country:

- The US Ambassador is 'a chiseling little crook'
- George W Bush is "greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen. The Policies he's initiating will doom us to extinction"
- Denounced the Bush Administration as "a gang of thugs."

Whatever your views on the Iraq war, the language used is extremist and imflammatory. And this is a guy with one of the most prestigious and important jobs in Britain.

My suggestion is, take your dollars to somewhere where they appreciate them.

Red Ken with Ma Moonbat

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