Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Doing right, doing wrong

The changed situation in Iraq since the US and Britain ousted Saddam Hussein is a difficult one for the many enemies of our nations. Because doing right is doing right, no amount of lying, misdirection, obfuscation and misrepresentation can change fact. The more that Iran and Syria send agents and enable Islamist supremacist fighters into Iraq to murder muslims; the more that the desparate peaceniks in Britain and America invent new reasons why we must always be oppressive and wrong; the more that corrupt and evil politicians across the world use Britian and America as useful lightning rods for the righteous anger of their peoples- the more clearly it shines forth that freeing the Iraqi people from a tyrant, and giving them the opportunity to create a new and successful life for themselves was right. Look at the lengths Iraqs neighbors will go to to make this experiment fail. Look how much they are willing to destroy. I predict that it will be discovered that the bombers who blew up the al-askari shrine were agents of a foreign power, not Sunni insurgents from Iraq.

When Hariri was blown up along with the rest of that street, many commentators said it couldn't be Syria because it was patently against Syrian interests to do something so obvious to distort the politics of its neighbor. They were wrong of course, it was the Syrians. They lied and lied but in the end the evidence emerged. The same is true of al-askari.

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