Saturday, January 24, 2009

The gloves are off

'Rivals break with BBC in Gaza row

ITV, Channel 4 and Five are to show a charity appeal for Gaza amid a row over the BBC's decision not to run the film.

Ministers urged the BBC to recognise "immense human suffering" and show the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal.

At least 200 people protested in London at the BBC's decision. The corporation fears compromising its impartiality in covering the Israeli offensive in Gaza.'

I make no claims to impartiality. I support Israel against its enemies.

Why can't the BBC play this charity appeal? Because most of the groups who are conducting it are not impartial either. They are plainly, unequivocally pro-palestinian. They have claimed in the past to be anti-war, pro-peace, and hidden at least to some extent their bias. But in the last battle fought between Israel and Hamas, they have shown their true colours. Much of the money now being collected will inevitably fall into the hands of Hamas. Most of the organisations involved in this appeal are perfectly at ease with that fact. Many secretly want Hamas to rearm and take the fight to Israel. These organisations are largely peopled with palestinian-lovers. You only needed to listen to their screeching and moaning during the conflict about the terrible humanitarian disaster which they fantasised.

Why does any of this matter? Because the ground has shifted. The BBC understands that this appeal is not politically neutral. It understands that it takes no note of Israeli suffering, only arab suffering. It also knows that the 'humanitarian disaster' is no such thing. Over and over again the BBC showed and described 70 and 80 truck convoys entering the Gaza strip during the battle, and also reported on the three hour daily truces during which people could fetch food, water and fuel. The money donated during this appeal will not go to feed starving people- there aren't any. It will go to buying new Qassams and Grads, and rebuilding the infrastructure of a terrorist regime.

According to lefties I've spoken to, we in the west are not allowed to fight our enemies. Because of our inherent oppressiveness and colonial original sin, we must just submit. Well, let me tell you, the will is building amongst millions in the free world to take on our enemies, fight them, and defeat them. If need be, annihilate them. And what of those amongst us who constantly militate for the victory of our enemies? What indeed.

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