Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sucking on the propaganda teat

'It is clear that Israel believes it is also sending a message to its other enemies - especially Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israeli military sources say Hezbollah's capacities have not been decreased, but if they want another round they would pay the price.

The Israeli army was hit hard by Hezbollah in the 2006 war. Hamas will want to emulate them. Israel does not want a repeat of what happened the last time it invaded Lebanon.'

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy... just when I was starting to believe the BBC actually employed non-zombies, you go and spoil things.

Simply Google 'Hassan Nasrallah admits mistake' or 'Hezbollah ceasefire terms Israel' and you will discover that Hezbollah were down to their last few rusty rounds and had suffered a severe depletion of manpower and will to fight by the time Israel ceased its operations. Military analysts believe that if the Israelis had carried on for two more weeks, Hezbollah would have been annihilated. And a cursory examination of what has happened in South Lebanon since (very little Hezbollah military activity and no rockets into Israel) and in Lebanese politics (a huge revival of interest on the part of Hezbollah in trying to win stuff via the ballot box), and you can see that Jeremy Bowens statement does not stand up under close examination.

It was Hezbollah who were 'hit hard' in 2006 and we haven't heard a peep from them since. Indeed, one big thing that HASN'T happened in the last eight days is rumblings and trumpetings from Hezbollah that it will attack Israel from the north to assist its 'brothers' in Gaza? Why is that do you suppose? Because Hezbollah kicked Israels arse in 2006 of course... and they're a bit busy now with little raffia-work things... sorry, can't talk, must run...

Sadly, the BBC sucks on the Islamist terrorists propaganda teat like a hungry whelp. Any old blarney churned out by them gets turned into 'common knowledge' by the leftards on the BBC website after a few months of gestation. Lazy lazy lazy.

Of course, what Mr Bowen really means by this whole section is 'if the Israeli troops suffer more than three casualties, Hamas win'. That is considered the winning post by most Arab armies and militias, it seems. The fact that they lose eight hundred and fifty of their own forces to extract this tiny price from Israel is immaterial. WE GOT SOME OF THE BASTARD JEWS!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! That will be presented by much of the Arab world and the useful idiots of the west as a resounding victory for the palestinians, just like the events in South Lebanon.

But as I said in a previous post, the reason Israel wins and the palestinians lose is because the Israelis live in the real world, and the palestinians live in a world of lies and fantasy. The palestinians glee club in the west join them in this fantasy very willingly, but it doesn't change the 'facts on the ground'. Which all favour Israel, and will do so for the foreseeable future, thank God.

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