Thursday, January 08, 2009

Stephen Harper, you are no conservative

Q: Will the government amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to prevent unwarranted interferences in free expression by human rights commissions?

A: The government has no plans to do is a very tricky issue of public policy because obviously, as we’ve seen, some of these powers can be abused. But they do exist for valid reasons, which is obviously to prevent public airwaves from being used to disseminate hate against vulnerable members of our society. That’s a valid objective. It’s probably the case that we haven’t got the balance right, but I’m not sure the government today has any answer on what an appropriate balance would be.

Margaret Thatcher had a name for 'conservatives' like Stephen Harper. Wets. According to someone in the comments section '[Harper] is on the Record as saying this:
“Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society,” says Stephen Harper, president of the National Citizens' Coalition. “It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this very scary stuff.”'

I'm glad Mr Harper has seen the light, unzipped his backbone and put it somewhere nice and safe.

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