Monday, January 05, 2009

One million people without Cable tv

'One million people are without electricity. Crucially the hospitals in Gaza are running on emergency generators - this in my book amounts to a humanitarian crisis'
UN spokesman Christopher Gunness

Chrissy-woos, I'd get out more. In more than half the world, electricity is not something which is occasionally off. Its never on, never has been, ever, at all. But then those are the places that the UN doesn't give a teeny tiny rats arse about. Liberia, Central Africa Republic, Angola and on and on and on. Their hospitals don't have electricity either. Sometimes their hospitals don't have walls and floors.

Oh, and why is it that the Palestinians have hospitals? 'The Palestinian Authority (PA) has received about $600m (500m euros; £340m) a year in aid from the EU since its foundation in 1994, with another $400m coming from the US.'

Its the billion dollars a year they get from us, thats why.

It sure as f**k isn't because of the Swiss-like work ethic of the Palestinians. Many of them have never had a job. Of any kind. At all. Thats why Mark Steyn very perceptively compares the Palestinian areas to a giant sink-estate in Britain, where welfare dependency has bred vicious, selfish, violent people. 'The devil finds work for idle hands' was my mums constant refrain.

So my blood boils when pathetic morons like Chrissy-wissy make up fake 'humanitarian crises' for their own pitiful political purposes. How bout getting a real job, arsehole?

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