Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stout men and true

'Three soldiers – Major Dagan Vertman, Captain Nitai Netanel and Corporal Yousef Maudi were killed Monday evening and 24 other fighters were injured near Jabalya refugee camp, as a tank shell hit a building housing dozens of fighters.'


I remember many years ago reading a book about the Six Day War. One of the most remarkable things about the Israeli army was the number of officers who died in combat, in comparison to the number of Egyptian and Syrian officers (virtually nil). Thats because the Arab officers were, well, in an office somewhere; whereas the Israeli ones were at the front, very often IN front of their soldiers.

I commend these brave, brave men for their service and for upholding the proud martial traditions of the IDF. May they never be forgotten. And may the victory they were fighting for come soon.

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