Monday, May 22, 2006

The Anglican Socialist Commune

It was with a sinking heart that I read the headline: "Church Plan attacks Government". The Anglican Church has become a home for soft-headed and blasphemous views on just about everything. 2000 years with no women or homo bishops? Who cares!! We're 'Modern'. So I just knew that in some way, this Church plan was going to be a bozo-fest.

And sure enough it is. The minimum wage is too low!! The government uses poverty as a 'tool of coercion' against asylum seekers!! Jobs for life are not guarunteed to everybody!! (ok, I made up that last one). But seriously, these are the views of mid-20th century communists. How many Anglican bishops DO believe in the state as the mechanism to cure all ills, and DON'T believe in the healing power of Jesus's blood? I'm guessing its a lot. This bunch of washed up intellectual midgets with their trendy vicar nonsense need superannuating, and the Anglican church needs to take Christianity seriously again. It also needs to take the 'Anglican' part seriously, i.e. its the Church of England, and for the English.

Put away 'Das Kapital' guys, and take out those Bibles!

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