Wednesday, May 10, 2006

House the world

Does southern England need 200,000 new houses or not? Thats a huge number of new residences, all of them needing utilities and services and roads. Water is already scarce in southern England. The roads are already at near-capacity. The fabric of the countryside is battered and torn by the amount of infrastructure needed to serve the current residents.

If you add some serruptitiously revealed facts together things start to become a bit clearer. About nine months ago, in a survey of minorities, especially recent immigrants, it was revealed that there are over 200,000 Somalis living in Britain, only 12% of whom have a job. All of them presumably have a house though. Even if they are living 5 to a house, thats 40,000 properties. Somalis are just one group of recent immigrants who have been given 'social' housing en mass. There are Kurds and Kosovo Albanians and Iraqi's and Sierra Leonians etc etc. The Labour parties policy of allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants into Britain has meant that all housing, but especially social housing is now at a premium, especially in big cities, including London. And native English people are squeezed, especially the very poor ones, i.e. the ones who Labour claim to represent.

So its probably better for the socialists of Britain to discuss this as purely a 'housing shortage' and not start discussing the facts about whether southern England has enough residential properties or not. Because the Labour party have a secret policy of taking in all the tragic cases from around the world and giving them an English council house, paid for by the English tax payer, but very very quietly. Sustainable?

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