Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'd better take a valium

The BBC have obviously got a stake in the high blood pressure medicine companies.

There is a steady drip drip drip of stories meant to 'broaden the minds' of the obviously ignorant and closed-minded English about Islam emanating from the bowels of the BBC.

The title says it all: 'I want to open peoples minds'. How condescending and insulting is that????? I am sick sick sick of people telling me how closed-minded I am, how bigoted I am, how institutionally racist I am, how I should learn to lead a different life in MY OWN F***ING COUNTRY so that the immigrants are happy!!!!!!!!

This woman wants the WHOLE ACTING PROFESSION changed so she can keep on wearing her muslim-required clothes. Excuse me? Do you know how pompous and ridiculous that makes you sound?

I lived in the US for seven years, and NOT ONE DAY out of those seven years did I presume to tell the American people how they needed to change their beliefs, their world-view, their behaviour and their social mores to suit me. I would never have dared. That would be rude and arrogant. Yet every single frickin day I read and hear demands from muslims in Britain about how much Britain doesn't suit them in some way or other.

Well here's the surefire solution for all your many dissatisfactions and disappointments. Leave.

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