Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Great big Mosques

The Palestinian government are finding it almost impossible to scrape together the $100 million that the EU and America no longer send their way. Strangely enough, the Saudi's, Syrians, Iranians and all the other loudmouth regimes that constantly bewail their plight are flinty-eyed when it comes to coughing up actual dollars for them. They pledge fifty million bucks here, twenty million bucks there, but the money never seems to appear in the bank! Weird!

But the funny thing is, there's one thing you can always get the Saudi's to part with huge sums for- a stupendously large mosque. Virtually every European country including Britain has had planning permission sought for stupidly large mosques. The one in London is planned for Newham, a few hundred yards from the main London 2012 Olympic site.


This kind of penis-extension building is meant to demonstrate in physical terms what every muslim all over the world is programmed to say- that islam is the worlds fastest growing religion. Sadly, its more likely to turn out to be what the rest of the world has come to associate with muslims, especially arab ones. There will be a lot of talk, a lot of posturing, a lot of 'bigging up', then NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

And by the way, muslims- there are 2.1 billion Catholics in the world. That means there are a billion more Catholics than muslims. Woe betide if you should ever stir THAT beast.


Anonymous said...

Why would Muslims want to fight catholics? - please explain. Muslims don't have any current issues with Catholics (the last crusade ended about 700 years ago). Besides the Catholic world is much more fragmented than even the Muslim world.

Edmund Ironside said...

I don't know- why do Muslims want to fight Catholics? Why do they want to fight Hindus? And Sikhs? And Christians? And Jews? They do it every single day, from Kashmir to Nigeria, from the Phillipines to France. At least Hitler only fought on two fronts... Lets see, theres how many Popes? Fragmented? Thats just laughable.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are at war in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The're not at war with Hindus in the UK. As for Sikhs they're not in the picture at all. Occupiers of Iraq who happen to be Christian and Zionist Jews, but not Jews in the UK. As for being united under one Pope, yes that is laughable. Spiritual unity is not the same as political unity.