Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Submit or be bludgeoned

Over the past two decades, Ms Andrabi has led campaigns against alcohol and prostitution in Kashmir. She has played an important role in closing down cinemas, accused television channels of corrupting the youth and has raided internet cafes and restaurants for allowing young couples to meet privately.

For her activism, Andrabi has been in and out of jail many times.

Recently, she accused beauty parlours of promoting obscenity, describing them as dens of prostitution. She issued an ultimatum, asking them to shut shop.

We used to have an institution in Britain called Mary Whitehouse. She was a stern upright woman who would have found many points of agreement with Ms Andrabi. She campaigned vigourously for a moral and God-fearing society. She was sure that the country was slipping into a sleazy quagmire and it was her mission to stop it from happening.

But its the differences that are important here not the similarities. Note this:

'Ms Andrabi has often been accused of using force in her campaigns and although she denies the charge, many in Srinagar say they are afraid to speak about her on record.'

NOT Mary Whitehouse then; more like the muslim gestapo. Why is it that this urge to force conformity seems to reek from islam like a bad smell? Want to wear shorts while playing tennis? Then its a bullet in the back of the head for you! Want to have cold brew after work? Definitely a bullet in the back of the head. Want to wear filmy blouse so the blokes can ogle your boobs? I think thats a rusty hack-saw offense.

There is no country, no people, no group in the WORLD who will volunteer to live life like that.

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