Friday, May 12, 2006

Highway to nowhere

What could be more symbolic of the disastrous and through-the-looking-glass world of African politics than the recent naming of a refurbished highway in Malawi. Bingu wa Mutharika thought it was appropriate to name it after Robert Mugabe, marxist dictator of Zimbabwe. The highway was paid for by the EU.

What we have here is a mutually supportive gang of thugs, un-reformed marxists and parasites, using our money to defecate on our heads. Malawi is a desertified disaster zone, policed by government spies, ruled over by mean and stupid men. Zimbabwe, about the same.

"Some of the roads in this country were named after criminals, others were named by colonialists, perhaps for killing more blacks. However, in Mugabe we have a hero of Africa and he deserves the honour,"

Wa Mutharika said at a ceremony attended by the veteran Zimbabwe leader

That, unfortunately, is about the level of debate you get a lot in Africa. Just curious, but how many roads in Malawi WERE named for colonialists for killing more blacks? Names? Dates? killings? And the roads named after criminals? Why would you do that? We tend to put our criminals in prison, in disgrace...

What heroic deeds has Mr Mugabe performed? The Rhodesians voluntarily handed over power to the transitional government of Abel Muzorewa without ever having lost a battle, as I recall. Then Mr Mugabe won rigged election over Zapu, the Ndebele party, which he then destroyed root and branch in two years of murderous terror. Is that the heroic act Mr Mutharika was referring to? Perhaps it was the judicial theft of 5,000 commercial farms from their owners in the late nineties up to the present which has had the knock-on effect of almost completely destroying the Zimbabwean economy and given it +1000% inflation? We shall never know, I suspect.

What I do know is, every dollar we give these murderous buffoons is another dollar they can squirrel away to Switzerland, or another dollar they can use to make their own peoples lives a little bit more shit than it is now. Once we're done with Iraq, there are some more regime changes we should seriously consider.

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