Monday, January 29, 2007

The constant refrain

'Support for Sharia law, Islamic schools and wearing the veil is much stronger among younger Muslims, a poll for the centre-right Policy Exchange found.
The report's lead author, Munira Mirza, blamed government policy for a growing split between Muslims and non-Muslims.
She said ministers should engage with Muslims as citizens.'

Thats it? The only problem with young Muslims in Britain is that '...ministers don't engage with Muslims as citizens.' What does that mean? How could I, were I lucky enough to reach the lofty heights of a position in Tony Blairs government, go about engaging with Muslims as citizens? A few days back, I followed a link on the wonderful Knowledge is Power blog to a spoof music video from the late 1980's. In it, a marvellously earnest protest singer puts the world to rights- well almost. Just as he gets to the interesting bit, where he would actually tell all us deluded conservatives what we SHOULD be doing, he goes all mumbly and shifty. This is precisely the same. People like Munira Mirza have a very strong feeling that its all the governments fault, they just can't quite put their finger on why exactly. So she ends up mumbling something about not being engaged with Muslims.

I wish that at least one government minister would engage straightforwardly with the jumble of prejudice, lies, myths and Islamic supremacism that Muslims bandy back and forth between each other, and occasionally with us. I wish some bold minister would go point by point through this noxious mixture and provide the exact reasons why her Majestys Government will not be incorporating any of it into policy. Mostly it would be because its just untrue- all the paranoid fantasies about neo-colonialism and Mossad agents blowing up the WTC and Israeli death balloons etc. Some of it would be ignored because it's anti-British prejudice. And what is left would be ignored because its diametrically opposed to the greater interests of the British people.

Get used to it. Thats the main message. At no point will the rational portion of the British electorate accept having their interests over-ridden by a strident minority of recent arrivals who are largely ignorant of the place they have come to; whose first instincts are supremacist and amongst whose first visible actions as a minority are mass-murder. How many different ways have they invalidated their agenda?

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