Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thats wacked man!

Is it just me, or is this a very weird thing?

"Finland, the country holding the rotating presidency until the end of the year, said in a statement Wednesday that the Israeli defence ministry's authorisation to build the new Maskiot settlement in the West Bank ran "contrary to the commitment undertaken by Israel in the roadmap".
"Such unilateral actions are also illegal under international law and threaten to render the two-state solution physically impossible to implement," the presidency statement added."

Finland, a tiny country on the far northern frontiers of Europe, pontificating in the most lordly fashion about a tiny group of settlers at a dusty army camp in a tiny country at least 3000 miles away as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Its like Burkina Faso putting out a press release criticising the extension of small town in Trans-Dniester. If you lived in the little army camp Burkina Faso seemed to so interested in, you'd probably want to know how exactly the Burkina Fasosians acquired their interest. You might also be interested to know whether there weren't domestic issues of more pressing concern to them than these remote and tiny outstations. You might also be interested how, in a world teeming with border disputes, illigitimately acquired territories, intra-community conflicts and ethnic wars, the building of a few buildings by some Trans-Dniesteris trumped them all?

But then thats the key isn't it? Its not Trans-Dniesteris, its Jews. If the buildings had been built by Russians or Burkina Fasosians or Finns or Tongans, nobody would care. They wouldn't merit a place in the local paper except in a very slow news week. The obsession with the world about Jewish 'transgressions' when so many vastly more egregious examples abound across the globe is weird and perplexing. It diminishes my faith in human rationality. It challenges my understanding of what people consider important in politics and what is trivial.

Do the Finns really care whether the Israeli state is keeping to an entirely defunct roadmap? Does anybody actually believe there is a real actual thing called International Law? Actually, there must be a good joke in there somewhere... what is International Law? International law is whatever impossible hoop Israel is failing to jump through as decreed by its self-declared monitors. For every other country, International Law is what can be safely ignored because your country isn't inhabited by Jews.

Well I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the intensity of the thrashings given to Israel by virtually the entire international community for very little reason. I'm tired of the wilful misreading of history by huge numbers of clots in the West which allows them to hate Jews without any of the usual downsides to racism. I'm tired of listening to diatribes against Israel by people who have no other political view at all. I'm tired of hearing the same lies about stolen Palestinian land recycled time after time as if each new airing brought them a little bit closer to being true.

When was the last time Finland pontificated about Tibet, a huge country currently illegally occupied by China? Russia currently has tens of thousands of troops in Chechnya, not part of Russia. Sudan annihilates a whole racial sub-grouping of its own people with nary a peep from the likes of Finland.

You know, its almost like people just hate Israel because they hate Jews.

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