Thursday, January 18, 2007

The way it will go in future

Anybody who went to school in England will have been subjected to the kind of scabrous abuse and belittling that Shilpa Shetty is getting at the moment. Why is that? Because anglo-saxon culture is vigorously proletarian, vigorously anti-special status and vigorously questioning of self-declared virtue or prestige.

Sadly, anglo-saxon culture in England is under seige from every side. The tough and vigorous challenge that every child used to receive once they were away from the cozy confines of the family home meant that much received wisdom and many self-aggrandizing illusions bit the dust before kids were ten years old. In a rather brutal fashion, kids were taught by their peers not to put on airs, not to claim for themselves ludicrous status and not to imagine that their beliefs were beyond questioning. Equality meant everyone getting their fair share of stick. We can see this as a long long tradition going back into the mists of English history. Real quality, real virtue and real talent were usually respected- their facsimiles were given extremely short shrift.

The frenchified portion of our society, some of the upper and most of the middle classes in England have done their best to eliminate anglo-saxon culture. For them, politeness and evasion are always preferable to bluntness and direct challenge. They viscerally hate the robustness and lack of regard for status of the 'working class' (another name for the much more Germanic anglo-saxon population), along with their many other cultural crimes. These crimes are things like loving to drink alcohol, fighting for fun, and generally rabellaisian activities.

David Cameron is a perfect example of this frenchified middle class.

Mr Cameron told BBC Scotland: "I haven't watched this series, I don't intend to, but anyone who does and who doesn't like this racism, there's a great regulator, its called the 'off' button."

Disdain for 'anglo-saxon' amusements, assuming that 'anglo-saxon' people are racist and automatically siding with (in this case) an Indian woman rather than fellow English people are all markers of Mr Camerons middle class prejudice.

Special status is given to many many groups in England these days, bestowed on them paternalistically by the frenchified middle class, and any kind of challenge to these groups will be treated as a crime. Our politicians now speak often of race, immigration and many other issues as topics that are really beyond discussion and dispute.

Right down to the smallest children in school, English kids are now taught that to make fun of someones religion, dress, manner of speech, appearance, intelligence, weight or skin colour are crimes. The old rough and tumble of the schoolyard is being replaced by a stultifying silence, where everything must be treated as holy and untouchable.

Everything, that is, except the ancient anglo-saxon culture of England. That can be mocked, cursed, derided, lied about and laughed at on national TV and Radio every day of the week. Funny that. It really makes me want to go live somewhere where the the robust cut and thrust of anglo-saxon culture still lives and breathes- somewhere like Australia.

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