Monday, January 01, 2007

Where Britain is going, and whether we care

Is Britain going to rejoin the Anglosphere, or is it going to wander off into Eurolalaland, or perhaps Dhimmitown?

I care deeply which way we head, and as a blogger, I want other engaged people to care. But when I read British political blogs, they seem... vague and myopic and disengaged. Or just weird, like the daft 'A Parliament for England' campaign, the 'lets leave the EU' bores, and the 'lets find another teeny tiny bat to bash Blair with' dullards.

It may not be immediately apparent why my question has any relevance to the Hugh Hewitt post above. Well there are two things.

First, Hugh Hewitt and many other right-wing bloggers in the US have gone back to the basics of reporting and analysing the news and current public policy. They are guarded in their claims, and back up their positions with facts. They are open to criticism, and very often take well-founded criticism and utilise it in their future blogging. They do all this because the big media organisations have in many respects stopped doing them, and now have their own hidden political agenda. The bloggers have taken responsibility for maintaining the genuine public discourse that our western societies are characterised and sustained by. They love their country and are therefore willing to put in thousands of hours of unpaid work to provide this invaluable service to their nations intellectual life.

Secondly, their political position is at all times obvious and up-front. So you don't have to wonder if there is some hidden agenda at work. You are therefore free to decide if the agenda is distorting the facts or not.

And most significantly, they aren't afraid to wade into the BIG issues, the mighty clashes and the kitchen heat.

When I compare the big US political blogs with the UK ones, the latter suffer badly. As an exercise, over the next three months I am going to monitor the top 20 biggest political blogs (check back for a listing once I've compiled it) on both sides of the Atlantic, and rate the posts for breadth, original facts, rational analysis and seriousness.

Should be fun!

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