Saturday, March 13, 2010

I predict a riot

Mark Steyn, as I have said before, called this AGES ago. Democrats don't care if they have to perform a suicide mission to get their healthcare bill. Once it is passed, they own the country. Nationalised medicine in America will be an enormous public utility, stuffed with public sector unions, and people who owe the Democrat party their place in life.

It will rip the heart out of what is left of American free enterprise, and replace it with European style state capitalism. Once the bureaucrats get the kind of grip they have in Britain, Germany, France and all the others, there is no going back.

The Thatcher revolution got about half way through the enormous embedded collossi of bureaucracies before it stalled.

The amount of naivety in the States is staggering. Mainly because America has never taken this road this far. A knowledgeable Russian would be able to put them straight, but Americans have a severe tendency to only learn from their own mistakes. Unfortunately, once they've made this one, they will never unmake it.

I just watched Bret Baeir and the Fox All-stars on FOX, and some fat Democrat bitch was smugly explaining how the healthcare bill will now definitely pass, given that the Dems will force it through using reconciliation. I could tell from the body language and actual language of both Charles Krauthammer and the other guy that they both believe she is right. And they understand the staggering implications.

What will happen if the bill passes? The anger levels are high now.

I don't think the anger will simply be against the Dems either. The Republicans have benn spectacularly useless during the whole deal, and have not got in peoples faces to explain what is really going on.

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