Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What do Plaid Cymru or the SNP have to offer Britain?

I rarely bother with British politics because I can't seem to find any political view represented other than a stodgy left-wing drizzle.

But this story made me belly laugh.

The richness of the language used in their whiny letter was delightful:

"For politics to be about healthy debate, the winning of hearts and minds, rather than about prior tribal political affiliation, then parties in reasonable competition must be given similar opportunity to present their policy platform to the electorate.

"The medium of television has a unique ability at election time to bring the competition of ideas, which is at the heart of the democratic system, into the living room of every voter in the country.

"Without a properly informed electorate, the conditions for free election are not possible."

Going back to the title of this post, what do Plaid Cymru or the SNP have to offer British people?

There doesn't seem to be any irony in this letter. They aren't kidding. Which is strange, because the idea that Plaid Cymru and the SNP should have anything at all to say to English people never seems to have interested them before this very moment. They are deeply ethnocentric organisations, die-hard nationalists- and their nation is not Britain! So really, what do they want to say to us?

Because anybody who has been alive for the last twenty years in Britain could probably sum up British politics rather neatly like this:

Scotland: Communist
Wales: Communist
Northern Ireland: Er, yes, well...
England: Conservative Capitalist (paying for everybody as per fucking usual)

So I can imagine a 'sharing of ideas' between the four of us would be a 'Janet and John learn about Communism' lecture for English people from PC and the SNP, some incoherent babbling from the Ulster crowd, and a primer in basic economics from the English to the other three.

Nobody would listen to anybody else, and the English would pick up the tab.

I have always been a British nationalist, but I have to say as the years pass and the third world idiots of Scotland and Wales persist in their insults and their lush subsidies, it is becoming ever harder to muster the desire for a United Kingdom.

If you think Greece is a washed-up socialist basket-case, wait til there is an independent Wales and an independent Scotland. We'll have to build a big fucking wall to keep out the hordes of refugees.

Absolutely the last thing I want to hear during the Prime Ministerial debates is a droning Plaid Cymru fathead wimbling on about the usual socialist flim flam. We had forty years of it in England, and I've just about managed to wipe most of it out of my memory. I do NOT want a revisitation, thanks very much.

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