Monday, March 08, 2010

In China they kill she-babies, in London they kill beta males

Interestingly, I don't hear a lot about this from feminists.

But then you have a different trend in the hyper-advanced west. Here we have uber-bitch harridans who are indoctrinated in the Vogue/Elle/Cosmo worldview from twelve or thirteen years old. This acculturation ensures that they will despise real men, normal men, and spend years having loads of sex and no relationships. They will hanker after Bridget Jones's diary-type men, either sociopathic alpha males with sports cars and no emotions, or tall, dark handsome rich alpha lawyers. Eventually, when they are thirty nine, 98% alchoholic, and have skin like a leather handbag, they will write a bitter book about how men are just unwilling to commit- you know, commitmentphobes.

These women are unsuitable for any normal man. They are useless in every practical sense. Their culture is utterly alien to most men, and their attitudes militate against long-term anything. Many of my male peer group married women from foreign countries- Phillipino, Korean, Russian, Hungarian. Why do you think that is?

Could it be that British and American women are just so awful, so full of machismo, braggadocio and attitude, that reasonable men will not marry them. And if they do, it is with an air of resignation and having settled for a life of misery and abuse.

My parents marriage was imperfect. My mother was bossy, rarely pleased with her husband and thought very little of his happiness. Her generation of the fifties was the direct predeccessor to my generation. As far as I can tell, my generation will be the last one like it. Why? Because so many of these hideous bitches are single, and hopelessly so, that they will not have the chance to procreate and pass on their bile. Thank God, is all I can say.

The Cosmo girl, who resembles most a kind of sixties bimbo lad, is guarunteed to become extinct. The attitudes fostered by Cosmo: permanent domination of men by women, men are stupid, men are lazy, men are evil, men are incompetent, women are superior, women are ethical, women are good, etc, pretty much guaruntee that only masochistic men will try to procreate with them. And there just aren't that many masochistic men.

Among the many dysfunctions which can be directly traced to the sixties 'revolution' (destruction of Judeo-Christian morals replaced by... nothing), this one is the most directly self-destructive. I for one will be happy when the last laddette vomits her last stomachful of chablis and lurches off into the pages of history...

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