Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kill your communists early

'Chile is regarded as having one of the best-run economies in Latin America.

Led by its substantial copper production - which was relatively unaffected by the quake - economists predict the country's economy will still grow by 5% this year.

The country also has one of the lowest government debt to economic output ratios in Latin America.

Chile's inflation rate is currently at 1.5% and its interest rate is 0.5%, where it has been since August of last year.'

8.8 richter scale earthquake, and yet their economy is going to grow 5%...

What does this teach us children?

I would say, kill your communists early. If you look around at the dismal basket cases which litter Latin and South America, the poorest ones, the ones that haven't had a decent economy ever, or not since the sixties anyway, are all socialist or communist.

Look what the socialists managed to do to Venezuela and Argentina, two countries that virtually had first world levels of infrastructure and economy as recently as the seventies. Argentina used to be as rich as Italy. Now it ranks down there with the Balkans and unluckier eastern Europeans.

Chile was lucky enough that Salvador Allende was cut down before he could really start to destroy the country.

Where would you want to live in South America?


Ashley-Bunny said...

You're absolutely disgusting and you have no idea what you're talking about. Chile IS run by socialists - you sound just like the Nazis who proposed, along with the Jews, to kill anyone associated with the left. PLEASE RESEARCH YOUR HISTORY BEFORE POSTING.

Edmund Ironside said...

I'm sure you're are a lovely person. Wrong, of course. Ask the people of Cambodia about not killing your communists early enough. Or the Vietnamese. Or the Chinese. Or the Russians. Number one cause of death in the twentieth century: Communist death camps, secret police, murder squads, 'revolutionaries', agrarian policies etc.
I am not a Nazi. The Nazi's were socialists too, but with extra racial hatred.

I'm a realistic conservative. Sometimes you have to kill murderers before they really get their mojo on.

Edmund Ironside said...

Which Socialists run Chile Ashley? Could you give me the name of the party or coalition? Didn't think so. That is because Chile is run by the Coalition for Change, headed by Sebastian Pinera. The parties which form the coalition are all right or centre-right parties. They are the Alliance for Chile, the Independent Democrat Union, National Renewal, ChileFirst, Grand North and Christian Humanism.

Refuting socialists is so tiresome. I don't know why I bother.