Saturday, March 06, 2010

Zimbabwe nearing its rendezvous with the sewage pit

'The main focus is Zimbabwe's rich mines and its industry.

But the indigenisation law also seeks to prevent white people from owning things like hairdressing and beauty salons.

In a few years, says Pat, we will be like an extinct species. They will come for our houses next.

The reaction may well be extreme.

Many white Zimbabweans have been slow to acknowledge the debt they owe to the black majority here. Economic empowerment is clearly necessary.

But after a decade of economic chaos, horrific violence, and the brutal seizure of white-owned farms, it is easy to understand why so many Zimbabweans - of all colours - are hair-trigger tuned to expect the very worst.'

Er, excuse me? What debt? What do white Zimbabweans owe, and to whom? How did this judgement, this command to action, get into a news report about Zimbabwe? Who presumes to sit in judgement upon these hundreds of thousands of people, and order them to hand over their money and farms and goods to unknown black people?

Completely disgusting. You call that journalism?

Economic empowerment is clearly necessary? What does that even mean? This god-like pomposity is what gets up peoples noses about the British A LOT. 'Oh yes, I've come to your country for three days, had a bit of a wander around, and have come to the conclusion that economic empowerment is clearly necessary, old bean.' Fuck right off. Have you read any objective histories of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Andrew Harding, or are you just parroting the marxist garbage you hoovered up at poly?

Most of the whites left in Zimbabwe are now stony broke because of the nation-wide theft of commercial farms from their owners, and all the sorry knock-ons from that process. What have you got left to steal?

What theory of economics spawned 'economic empowerment'? Isn't economic empowerment a euphemism for black people stealing working businesses from white people and proceeding to run them into the ground?

Part of me, the perverse part, wishes that Zimbabwe goes full steam ahead with 'economic empowerment'. Soon Zimbabwe, already heading like a runaway train towards the economic precipice, will drop over the edge into the abyss where places like Liberia and Haiti already wallow.

But then the other part of my self reminds the perverse part that that will simply mean another deluge of Zimbabweans into Britain and another vast collection of people in Zimbabwe living off the World Food Program dole.

Somebody needs to shoot Mugabe, and the top twenty generals and air force commanders and throw them in a pit somewhere. Then Zimbabwe might just have the possiblity of a viable future.

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