Thursday, March 04, 2010

An Open Letter to the Indian Government

I am certain that the Indian Government already know what I am about to suggest, but please do not imagine that Maoists can be bargained with. Any agreements they make will be tactical only. Their goals, the revolutionary overthrow of the Indian state and the imposition of murderous dictatorship never change. The only way to defeat them is to destroy them. Once young Maoist recruits have been indoctrinated they never give up fighting. Complete and total military victory is both necessary and within the power of the Indian state.

The current stance of the rebels shows both that the current military and police actions against them are succeeding, and that the Maoists now see it necessary to call upon the humane nature of the Indian government to save them from complete annihilation. The Maoist insurgency running from the north-east down to the south-east of India has run on since the late sixties, really without ever having been seriously challenged. Now that Pakistan can't possibly afford to attack India, the Indian government at last has the opportunity to bring all of its territory within its own genuine writ.

As the development work which the Indian government is pursuing in the rest of its states is not possible in the areas under Moaist control, it is essential for the latter to be eliminated. India has the potential to become a rich and powerful nation, but only when it truly controls its own destiny.

'India's Maoist rebels have again demanded the release of their senior leaders as a precondition for beginning talks with the government.

Maoist military wing head Koteswara Rao's demand comes a day after the arrest of Venkateswar Reddy, alias Telegu Deepak, in Calcutta.'

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