Saturday, March 13, 2010

A slowly decaying carcase

'Why is there no British Tea Party? Where are the crowds of revenue slaves flocking to London to demand redress for the squandering of their money? Marginal tax is rising to 50%, VAT to 17.5% and state spending towards half the national product. The Treasury has lost control of public finance. So why no furious blue-rinses, bail-out ­haters, bonus-bleaters and embittered VAT victims storming parliament? Has a corrupt political class reduced the British people to quiescent gerbils?

Yes. Yes it has.

My 'memories' of the Thatcher revolution were all acquired after the fact, as I wasn't here for it. But I've watched many documentaries (yes, that's how sad I am) about it, and I often wonder 'where are all those strange, intense young men, and those doughty homely maidens who were the engine of the the Thatcher revolution?'

Have they all got jobs in the city, children in private school and a hangover of guilt for 'destroying' the mining industry, the steel industry, the ship-building industry and all those other great cadavers? Do they feel that they 'ought' to pay 50% income tax so that those less well orf have a comfy life?

Political discussion in Britain occurs between two very large groups of people- those who have been educated by marxists, preached to every night through TV and the movies by marxists, who parrot marxist beliefs about the world, the US, British history and everything else (approx. half the country); and a second group of nice people who go to work, run businesses, have successful happy capitalist lives, and who feel very guilty about their happy successful lives because they are constantly told to be guilty by the first group.

These two groups form the basis of our politics. The first group vote Labour, and the second group vote Tory or Lib Dem. The first group I will call Leftroids. The second group I will call Cringers. Leftroids spent the middle sixty years of the twentieth Century on the front foot. They have been on defense since 1991, but came back solidly in the last few years. Cringers have been on defense for the whole of the twentieth century, and are still cringing in the twenty first. Cringers spend most of their time protecting themselves from the slings and arrows of accusations by the Leftroids that they are heartless, soulless money-grubbing demons. They can spare no time whatsoever for considerations outside of that task.

Leftroids really control the game. They hold the gun of working class violence, which they dextrously use to blackmail things out of cringers. Cringers are so frightened of working class violence that they will pre-emptively give Leftroids things they haven't even demanded yet. There is also a secret deal where Leftroids squirrel away tens of billions of pounds into things called QUANGOs, which are really a permanent employment scheme for over-educated Cringers.

Cringers have no backbone, no will to resist, no desire to upset Leftroids. They just want to keep their happy, peaceful lives and not be murdered in their beds by angry proletarians. They are willing to pay very high taxes indeed, and see that money going to foriegn immigrants and ne'er do wells and any man jack who can't be bothered to go to work. As long as they don't move too near, or commit their crimes in Cringer neighborhoods, they don't care a lick.

It really is extremely depressing. I understand why so many of Britains brightest people have gone away. Why would you want to stay here in this decayed civilisation as it quietly disintegrates.

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Edgar Davidson said...

Very impressive summary of the state of political debate in the UK. Only thing I'd disagree with is the claim that Cringers vote LibDem. That may have been true 10 years ago but it certainly isn't any more. LibDem voters are now solidly in the Leftroid camp.