Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBC Website priorities

Today in the news:
- there is the startling and somewhat suspicious news that UK economic growth has resumed
- there is the terrible news that BAE are cutting 1100 jobs
- there is the U-turn on spending cuts announced by Gordon Brown
- the appeal to the MOD that when soldiers die they 'should offer extended families the same aftercare as wives'
- and another sex allegation at a children's nursery

But they all pale into nothingness in comparison to the Shocking, Shocking news that the shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist was tortured while in prison. I'm sure its true; I'm equally sure that it is completely inconsequential. Every week, hardened criminals and terrorists murder more innocent people in Iraq. That is consequential. This stupid man and his self-inflicted personal tragedy are beyond trivial.

Worth every penny of that £3.2 billion, really.

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