Wednesday, September 23, 2009


'The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee lashed out at McConnell's charges Wednesday, saying, "If there was ever any doubt who Republicans are looking out for in the health care debate, Mitch McConnell has offered conclusive proof: the insurance companies.

"Republicans jeopardize their own credibility when they choose to defend big insurance companies trying to make false claims about senior citizens," the DSCC said in a press release.'

Lets put aside the grammatical and logical mistakes for a moment, and consider here what is being said. Obama keeps on repeating that he is all about reducing costs, enhancing choice and enlarging the numbers covered by insurance- when did crushing and destroying big insurance companies get to the top of the agenda?

How am I going to keep my insurance, which I like, a promise Obama has made in that skin-crawling 'I'm going to talk to you like you're first graders' way about a billion times, if the Democrats destroy my insurance company on behalf of the little people?

You know, some of this talkin' not makin' sense to me.

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