Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oh, so now they're wonderful?

'A TV campaign is being launched to try to recruit more than 5,000 social workers, amid fears the Baby Peter case has turned people off the profession.
Launching the appeal, actress Samantha Morton spoke of the "wonderful" social workers who supported her as a child.'


I can see the campaign ads now 'Become a social worker and get ready to be vilified, lied about, threatened and ranted at in the Newspapers; work daily with horrible, violent, anti-social, ungrateful scumbags; get paid very little money; and have possibly the lowest social status of any job on the job market. Its GREAT!'

There are many things about British society I detest, but this bi-polar disorder where one week some random group of people are shambolic irresponsible idiots and the next week they are glowing, saintly paragons of public service just does me in.

Just like the recent moronic, self-righteous campaign against our mainly excellent MP's, the hideous assault on the social workers of Haringey has had consequences- most of them bad. What young man or women with even a smidge of nous is going to take on that poisonous career?

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