Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feel... head... exploding

'Treasury documents leaked to the Conservatives this week dramatically redefined the economic landscape and the political possibilities for whoever is running Britain next year. The documents suggest that Britain is in as perilous a financial state as any since the Labour Government went cap in hand to the IMF 30 years ago.'

Really? That is shocking!! Shocking! Nobody predicted that!

I mean, nobody has at any point delineated the political pattern of the twentieth and twenty first century where Labour get voted into power, spend enormous sums of taxpayer money, bankrupt the country, are voted out, replaced by the Conservatives who laboriously resurrect the public finances, industry, civic life etc. only for a few years later to be voted out, have Labour voted back in and repeat the same stupid fucking process.

Nobody has EVER pointed this out. Ever. At all. Because its just too difficult to figure out. Way too complicated. I mean, I have read a daily newspaper in Britain for most of the last twenty years, and I have yet to read that analysis. So it must be too difficult for the GENIUS class to figure out.

I have to go away and lie down in a darkened room now...

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